Information for Detective agency Fox Bulgaria

Detective Agency Fox BulgariaDetective Agency Fox provides quick and accurate investigation services for individuals and businesses, using all means allowed by law. Detective agency with experienced detectives and a wide network of contacts and working with other detective agencies and private investigators to offer the highest quality detective services in Bulgaria and abroad.

Detective Agency Fox founded back in 1999 by Ivan Ivanov, a former longtime police officer, and since then - a private detective in Bulgaria. In the Detective agency Fox use professional methods for efficient solution to the customer using all means allowed by law.

Detective Ivan Ivanov is a member of the International Police Association (IPA), which enables quick and effective monitoring, gathering of facts and comments in international investigations.

Detective dgency Fox has a large and experienced team of private detectives with a minimum of 10 years experience in detective services or closely related activities. Investigators are former officers, security companies and other similar activities. Detective Agency is working with many other detective agencies at home and abroad, enabling quick and efficient investigation, monitoring, gathering facts and evidence, personal or business intelligence, etc. Team Detective agency Fox Bulgaria is specialized mainly in detecting cheating, tracing of individuals and records, monitoring of "objects" of inquiry, search for biological parents, and other personal and business inquiry.

It is good to point out that only in the past year, most clients have benefited from the service disclosure of infidelity, but in view of the results and competitive price continue to use our other detective services.

Based on experience and contacts, Detective Agency Fox provides the following services

* Detective services for individuals

Detective services for individuals- Surveillance and detection of accomplished and anticipated facts, circumstances and conduct infidelity, age crisis, problems with children or family conflicts
- Premarital studies
- Search for people hiding, missing persons, people without a permanent address or data absent persons
- Collection of information on the status, behavior and actions of individuals
- Monitoring of persons with suspicious behavior - alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.. like
- Clarification of biographical and other data characterizing certain natural or legal persons
- Collection of data for finding or proving facts which are or may be cause for conflict between natural or legal persons or can be used to end these conflicts
- Collection of information on civil and criminal cases

* Detective services for corporate clients

Detective services for corporate clients- Identify persons or circumstances relating to espionage or trade secret protection
- Study the market, gathering information for business negotiations creditworthy, insolvent and unreliable partners, shareholders, shares, property, goods, import prices, sales and markets and other business inquiries
- Collection of information on current employees or job applicants
- Establish the facts and circumstances of unfair competition, proof of irregularities in the implementation of rights to intellectual property