Corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations - Business Security

Detective Agency Fox is based in Sofia city, Bulgaria, and is a detective agency with experienced professional detectives in private and business investigations. Contact us in need of supervision of business partners, detecting and locating debtors survey of employees.

Corporate Investigations - Business Security

Fox Detective Agency is discreet and effective in corporate and private investigations, whether you need to monitor a business partner, detect and prove infidelity, find and locate debtors, witnesses or missing persons.

We have private detectives specializing in the investigation of financial and insurance fraud for corporate and commercial clients. With the experience and capabilities of our private detectives, we can perform detective services - efficiently and reliably, anywhere in Bulgaria, even in a short time. For the clients of Fox detective agency we offer consultations for individuals and companies and study of the trade market, market niches, and our detectives can gather enough solid information about your potential future partners, colleagues and even job candidates. For example, when you hire someone in a high position and with great responsibilities, it is always good to review whether the CV he offers is true or whether he has not hidden something important and not particularly pleasant for his career. After all, no one likes to be lied to, right?

Fox Detective Agency is your solution because we have 12 years of experience in private detective investigations and we strive to provide the answers and facts you need - with maximum accuracy.

We, Detective Agency Fox BG, maintain the highest standards for private investigations, without compromise and at reasonable prices.

The discretion, efficiency and professional ethics of our detectives inspire confidence and trust!

For better efficiency in international investigations, Fox Detective Agency maintains contacts with private detectives from many countries, including Greece, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, England, USA, Canada and others.

The discretion of the conversation or investigation is guaranteed by Private Detective Ivanov - founder of the Fox detective agency!