Prenuptial studies

Prenuptial studies by experienced Private detectives

Prenuptial studies by experienced Private detectives

If you have decided to get married, but you want to know the past of your partner - call us! We, Fox Bulgaria detective agency, can be useful to you.

Any suspicion is a significant mental strain for any person, which can be quickly "removed" with the help of a private detective / detective agency, regardless of whether the suspicion is confirmed or denied. The discreet investigation carried out by the detective himself is a prerequisite for avoiding the occurrence of conflict situations "face to face". We do not advise you to work hard mentally, especially since in this case it is usually a matter of a lifetime.

  • If you are wondering what he / she was like before you met
  • If you are interested in the people around them before the upcoming relationship
  • If you want to know their relatives in a straight and lateral line
  • or subsequently - to look for evidence that the divorce was in your favor!

You need an experienced detective!
We are Fox Detective Agency and we are 24 hours. available! We work DISCRETELY!

Marriage is a serious thing, but at the same time we live in a modern world in which young people are familiar with almost nothing! Already at the age of 14-15-16 friendships are already established between boys and girls, boyfriends, because then sexuality is directed to the opposite sex. "Walking" is a dangerous period of their lives and although they must be careful with their feelings and passions. , usually the facts are different.Boys and girls fall in love at an early age.They begin to be alone, to separate from others, spend a lot of time together alone.They rely a lot on love caresses and of course - get to sex quickly.Or at a party, the mood is uplifted, everyone flirts, dances, kisses and ends with sex.

The question, however, is: Did they do this with "countless" different partners?

Here is the thing that in some situations may bother you one day, but it may be too late! It doesn't matter who "plundered the garden", it doesn't matter if a few have tried the "forbidden fruit", the important thing is not to walk down the street with your head bowed.

A saying goes, "It doesn't matter where you start, it's important to know where you're going."