Searching for persons

Search for missing persons and debtors

Detective Agency Fox Bulgaria offers for individuals and companies service - search for missing persons.

According to statistics, annually in Bulgaria disappear without a trace dozens of persons, the elderly, so small children, teenagers, etc. The reasons are different. Some fall victim to the incident, some have lost his memory were admitted to hospital and can not say about himself nothing, some just want to hide or escape and relatives began to think the most horrible things ...

Search for missing persons and debtors


Sometimes relatives announce the missing in time and the police quickly find them. Other times, discovery becomes slow, difficult and unsuccessful, and time is of the essence. Therefore, you can trust us! We carry out a parallel investigation into the missing persons of the specialists of the Ministry of Interior and very often we find them before them.


We, Detectives Fox, have years of experience in searching for people, whether they're missing, hiding, or in debt, and you want to know where they are. Do not hesitate and immediately seek our qualified help, because time in such cases is the best helper.

The search for missing people is carried out through the use of basic scientific developments in the field of criminology, as well as thanks to modern technical means at our disposal.
Based on extensive experience and daily practice, the experts of the Fox detective agency have developed a unique method, so that the investigation in most cases leads to a positive result.

Do not forget! In situations where you have lost a loved one without a trace, in any case you should not delay, because time is not on our side!

Call us! The specialists from the Fox detective agency will provide you with comprehensive and highly qualified help, as well as the necessary psychological support!

We look for and find people in most cases. Trust us - We are experienced private detectives with a very high success rate!