Discreet surveillance

Discreet surveillance by private detectives

Discreet surveillance administered by private investigators in order to gather more information about a particular person. In almost every case requires study of the lifestyle of the person, what frequent contacts carried out, what is the place of work, and to reveal facts regarding suspicious behavior of children or other family members as drinking, gambling or drug use.

Discreet surveillance by private detectives

The team of the Fox detective agency performs this detective service of covert surveillance, in other words - incognito surveillance. This is due to the fact that it is built by former police and military, who have proven their skills in special operations and investigations, and because it has the most modern equipment for covert surveillance, such as modern and "discrete" hidden cameras and microphones.

Fox's private detectives know how to gather information unnoticed, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Everything is monitored and documented so that the materials can be used as incriminating if necessary. The discretion of the investigating private detectives guarantees the avoidance of conflicts or the disclosure by the observed person / persons that he / she is the object of detective activity.

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