Detective equipment at the Detective Agency Fox Bulgaria

Detective agency Fox has modern detective equipment to quickly and accurately perform the tasks. Our private detectives are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance, technical equipment for detecting hidden cameras and microphones, and blocking, professional photo and video equipment, surveillance systems via another mobile phone or computer, and other detective gadgets.

We, as experienced private detectives from one of the oldest detective agencies in Bulgaria, know how important a technique is for every private detective. We know that, combined with the finances available to the case, for example, in finding the real and necessary information, and the experience of the detectives, are one of the main factors for resolving each case.

Thanks to the modern modern technologies, it is easier and quicker to achieve accurate results, difficult to achieve years ago.

Детективска техника и оборудване в Детективска агенция Фокс

  • Системи за скрито аудио и видео наблюдение
  • Системи за наблюдение чрез РС
  • Апаратура за откриване на камери и микрофони
  • Устройства за аудио контрол в жилища, офиси и автомобили
  • Фото и видео техника с най-високо качество
  • Устройства за ДПС контрол
  • Сателитни връзки
  • Блокиране на подслушвателни устройства
  • и други високо технологични системи.

The experience of the private detective and the professional equipment can "catch" a trace that would lead to the case being resolved. Because of all this, we have the confidence that we are one of the best private detectives.

Trust our professionalism, discretion, speed and efficiency!